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MCOHBGE1B English I Beginner Course

Pathways from the Qualification

Study Information

  • Pre-requisite:
  • Duration: 30 weeks
  • Enrolment Age: 18 years or older
  • Start Dates: Provided on inquiry
  • Clinical work placement:
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Enrolment EOI

(N.B: New Zealand residents tick International onshore inquiry)

CRICOS Course Code: 113520C
The General English beginner programme develops students’ English language communication skills with a focus on building confidence and fluency in a friendly and fun environment. Through a communicative approach, students practice listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in a variety of ‘real life’ situations. Studying General English will give you the confidence and skills to function in an English speaking country or to go on to further study or examination preparation courses.
All students undertake weekly unit assessments based on their work throughout the week. Depending on their weekly test results and class performance, students may be recommended to take a change of level test which enables them to move up to the next level.

Enrolment Conditions

  • MCOHB only enrols students 18 years of age and above.
  • Courses will only commence when ten (10) or more students have enrolled.
  • Students will receive a Completion certificate and Statement of Attainment upon successful completion of modules.
  • For further details about enrolment conditions refer to ELICOS enrolment application form.


  • Total duration with semester breaks: 30 weeks
  • Total tuition duration: 26 weeks
  • The course is delivered over 26 weeks. You are required to attend all training classes and complete the assignments for each module. You are required to attend the practical training classes.
  • ELICOS General English beginner is based on flexible entry and exit, therefore, the duration of the course may vary between students. Each module in this General English course is 10 weeks in duration, with the language needs of each student determining how long they will study.



The General English courses are designed to provide skills and knowledge in use of the English

language for general purposes. It includes academic purposes but is not limited to such purposes. The

Intermediate, and Advanced modules provide students the opportunity to focus on particular areas of English relevant to the student’s interest.


The General English courses provides students with the necessary English skills for the following purposes:

  • To facilitate attainment of educational, vocational and social goals.
  • To facilitate access to employment through language skill development.
  • To enhance the learner’s ability to function effectively in the Australian community.
  • To meet English language requirements for cross cultural organisations.
  • Preparation for undertaking other studies at Unity College Australia.
  • Preparation for studies at other educational institutions within Australia.


These ELICOS courses are based on specific and relevant learning outcomes, and will provide a comprehensive range of English skills necessary to live and work in Australian society. The courses involve classroom based delivery, but will utilise a wide range of teaching-learning methods, as language learning is best achieved through communicative activities.

Students will be given suitable opportunities to interact with Australian society in a range of circumstances. This will be done at a level appropriate to the level of English being studied and under appropriate supervision.

The courses have been based around flexible entry and exit. Due to this, students may enter at the start of any module (subject to placement test), and exit at any point during the subsequent modules. This allows for more flexibility with visas and language needs. This course allows for those who are permanent residents, those on student visas, those on tourist visas and those on working holiday visas.

Full Fee for the Service:

Course cost is $7, 830 which includes the $300 non-refundable deposit and $380 materials fee. Initial deposit of the first four weeks tuition fees, the $300 non-refundable deposit and $380 materials fee is required at time of enrolment confirmation (Letter of Offer being signed and accepted).

  • Units Delivered During Training

    Click to expand and view the unites delivered in MCOHBGE1B English I Beginner Course

Language Literacy Numeracy (LLN)

At MCOHB the ACSF core skills entry levels for each course are determined by referring to the foundation skills in the training package. Core skills are assessed using an approved industry specific paper-based assessment tools to assess an applicant’s LLN capability. For the MCOHBGE1B English I Beginner Course on a scale of 5, students are expected to achieve the following levels for the five ACSF core skills areas:

  • Learning: 4
  • Reading: 3
  • Writing: 3
  • Oral communication: 4
  • Numeracy: 3

Academic Entry Requirements

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