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SHB60221 Advanced Diploma Of Skin Therapy International

This course { SHB60221 Advanced Diploma Of Skin Therapy International } is available for International students. Click here for details.

CRICOS Course Code: 108565K

SHB60221 Advanced Diploma Of Skin Therapy International

Pathways from the Qualification

Study Information

  • Pre-requisite: None
  • Duration: Scheduled 37 weeks (3 Days a Week)
  • Enrolment Age: 18 years or older
  • Start Dates: Provided on inquiry
  • Clinical work placement:
Apply to Study SHB60221 Advanced Diploma Of Skin Therapy International in Melbourne
Enrolment EOI

(N.B: New Zealand residents tick International onshore inquiry)

SHB60221 Advanced Diploma Of Skin Therapy International

SHB60221 Advanced Diploma of Skin Therapy is for students that are looking to increase their knowledge and skills to design and safely apply non-ionising radiation treatments using intense pulsed light and laser technologies to reduce unwanted hair on the face and body.
Individuals synthesise specialised knowledge and experience to consult, design and manage sequential treatment programs. They possess highly developed communication skills and specialised technical skills. Practitioners operate within a defined scope of practice and use initiative and judgement to refuse or refer treatments as required.
This qualification provides a pathway to work in skin or beauty therapy clinics.

Full Fee for the Service:

Tuition fee: $12,850
Admin fee: $350 (non – refundable)
Material Fee $750 (Textbook & kit)
No interest monthly payment plan.
Training and assessment is conducted at MCOHB’s training facilities: Level1 1 Star Crescent Docklands, Melbourne Victoria 3008.

  • Units Delivered During Training

    Click to expand and view the unites delivered in SHB60221 Advanced Diploma Of Skin Therapy International
    • SHBBSSC003 Research and apply information on skin science in a skin therapy context
    • SHBXCCS006 Promote healthy nutritional options in a beauty therapy context
    • SHBBSKT001 Provide skin therapy consultations
    • SHBBSKT002 Provide advice on specialised skin care formulations and ingredients
    • SHBBSKT003 Identify and control safety risks for light-based skin treatments
    • SHBBSKT008 Design light emitting diode treatment programs
    • SHBBSKT009 Provide light emitting diode skin treatments
    • SHBBSKT010 Provide skin needling treatments
    • SHBBSKT011 Provide superficial peel treatments
    • SHBBSKS009 Provide micro-dermabrasion treatments
    • SHBBSKT006 Design laser skin treatment programs
    • SHBBSKT007 Provide laser skin treatments
    • SHBXCCS008 Provide salon services to clients
    • SHBBSKT004 Design intense pulsed light skin treatment programs
    • SHBBSKT005 Provide intense pulsed light skin treatments

Language Literacy Numeracy (LLN)

At MCOHB the ACSF core skills entry levels for each course are determined by referring to the foundation skills in the training package. Core skills are assessed using an approved industry specific paper-based assessment tools to assess an applicant’s LLN capability. For the SHB60221 Advanced Diploma Of Skin Therapy International on a scale of 5, students are expected to achieve the following levels for the five ACSF core skills areas:

  • Learning: 4
  • Reading: 4
  • Writing: 3
  • Oral communication: 4
  • Numeracy: 3

Academic Entry Requirements

  • Entry to this qualification is open to individuals who have achieved all of the following units of competency:
  • SHBBFAS005 Provide facial treatments and skin care recommendations OR SHBBFAS002 Provide facial treatments and skin care recommendations,
  • SHBBFAS006 Provide specialised facial treatments OR SHBBFAS003 Provide specialised facial treatments
  • SHBBINF002 Maintain infection control standards OR HLTINF005 Maintain infection prevention for skin penetration treatments,
  • SHBBSSC001 Incorporate knowledge of skin structure and functions into beauty therapy,
  • SHBBSSC002 Incorporate knowledge of body structures and functions into beauty therapy.
  • OR are able to demonstrate equivalent skills and knowledge to each of the above units of competency.
  • Are Holders of an AQF qualification SHB40121 Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy or SHB50121 Diploma of Beauty Therapy
  • Successful completion of minimum Year 11 in Australia or equivalent in student’s country of origin OR
  • Holders of an AQF qualification level Certificate IV or Diploma in Beauty Therapy
  • Be 18 years of age or above
  • A minimum English level of IELTS 5 or equivalent is required for international applicants.
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